Agnew Timber manufacture a range of quality wood products which are available in convenient DIY Packs. Within this unique range you will find skirting boards, door frames, architraves, sheeting and many other products.

Available in pre-finished natural wood, these products are offered in handy shrink-wrapped packs for ease of selection and purchase.

The many benefits of off-the-shelf Pre-Primed, Pre-Painted and Pre-Varnished wood products are easily recognisable:

Shorter installation time, clean & quick
Minimal disruption to your working environment
Minimal dust creation
No intoxicating fumes from varnishing

Product Guide providing assistance to customers on the naming of timber products. A room is shown and different products are labelled, including the Architrave and Door Frame.

Product Guide

  • Pre-Primed/Pre-Painted Wood

    Pre-Primed Wood comes to you coated on three sides in a neutral off-white colour. This product is ready to receive its finishing top coat of paint, either gloss or emulsion, in a colour of your choosing.

    Pre-Painted Wood comes to you coated on three sides in a white or ivory colour. This product comes ready-sanded, primed and painted for instant fitting.

  • Pre-Varnished Redwood

    Pre-Varnished Redwood comes ready-sanded and varnished for instant fitting. Harmful fumes from the application of chemicals such as lacquers are also eliminated.

  • Pre-Varnished Solid Oak

    Pre-Varnished Solid White Oak comes ready-sanded and varnished for instant fitting. Pre-Varnished solid timber delivers shorter installation time with the unique opportunity to reduce your costs.


What are the advantages of using DIY Packs?

Our DIY timber packs are designed for maximum convenience and choice. Off the shelf, shrink-wrapped and rack displayed, packs are available in a choice of finishes and choice of timbers.

Key benefits of using our off-the-shelf DIY packs are:

  • shorter installation time and lower labour cost
  • cleaner installation
  • minimal disruption to your home environment
  • no dust from sanding
  • no intoxicating fumes from chemicals such as varnish and lacquer
  • no overspray, dripping, splattering or clean-up problems
  • surface protection to ensue superior durability and wear resistance

Are Agnew’s timber packs made from solid timber?

Our exclusive use of natural timber is a feature of all our products. The use of our natural wood products can help sustain the natural environment and enrich the appearance of your home.

What does pre-primed mean?

Pre-primed wood mouldings, ready to top-coat, for a premium finish

Agnew Pre-Primed wood is coated on three sides using the latest technology, including an automated, computer-controlled coating and drying system to give a fabulous finish. A sealing/priming coat is followed by mechanical sanding, and gentle warm air-drying ensures the consistently perfect finish in a neutral off-white colour. The wood is ready to receive a finishing top coat of either gloss or emulsion paint and can be painted to compliment any colour scheme.

What does pre-varnished mean?

Ready to fit, factory sanded and finished.

Agnew Pre-Varnished ready to fit wood is ready to fit which makes installation clean and quick, resulting in minimal disruption to your family and lifestyle, as there is no dust from sanding or intoxicating fumes from chemicals such as lacquer. It has the added benefit of surface protection to ensure superior surface durability and wear resistance. Pre-finished solid timber is an excellent choice for those who want a shorter installation time and lower costs than unfinished wood.

Are there different profiles available?

We provide a large range of decorative moulding profiles – skillfully milled to enhance the natural grain pattern of wood. Our moulding profiles range from contemporary to traditional and in special orders we can create a style that reflects your individual needs and tastes.

We invite you to take a look at our moulding profiles on the individual product pages, and keep in mind we also do custom mouldings. Feel free to request a quote, and order anytime you’d like. If you have any questions, please email us.

Are your products sustainable?

Timber is a sustainable resource that brings an earthy and comforting feel to the indoor environment. As a building material, wood has the lowest energy consumption and the lowest CO2 emission of any commonly used material. Wood products continue to act as a carbon sink throughout their life. Timber has proven to be particularly energy efficient in use, and as such plays a major role in combating global warming.

We work in partnership with carefully selected mills to maintain the high standard of quality and consistency that our customers have come to expect – this is achieved by sourcing only quality timber from Finland mainly. Our investment in bespoke software stock control provides traceability from supply to delivery.

  • "The painted skirting you delivered to me was of excellent quality. It would be easy for a supplier to cut corners on this sort of product but what you supplied was first class. I will be using your company for future materials."

    Mr Lockley, Belton

  • "I want to mention how pleased I am with my recent order of timber. The quality of the skirting and architrave is excellent with a good finish, the profiles are a lot smoother than the similar type I have used"

    C. Shaw, Thornton

  • "Our carpenter commented on how well the products were packed and on the quality of the timber – very straight and well primed! I was surprised how quickly the goods arrived and will definitely order from you again."

    M. Allen, Woking

  • I just wanted to say i was very pleased with with my order which i placed. The products are fantastic and far more superior than that of the local DIY store with hardly any warped or damaged units and all fit for purpose.

    Jay, Essex

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