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31 x 40mm Pre-Primed Whitewood Wainscot Capping (4x2.4m)

31 x 40mm Pre-Primed Whitewood Wainscot Capping (4x2.4m)

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Agnew Pre-Primed Whitewood comes to you coated on three sides in a neutral off-white colour. The product is ready to receive its finishing top coat paint of either gloss or emulsion in a colour of your choosing.

Universal capping to suit 12mm sheeting either fitted directly to wall or on 19mm battons.

4 Lengths (2.4m) 31 × 40 Pre-Primed Whitewood Wainscot Capping per pack

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  • The DIY Timber Packs Advantage

    • Reduced installation time
    • Saves money by reducing installation time
    • Shrink wrapped packs
    • No Sanding Required
    • Home Delivery Service
    • Stress grooves on the under-side to minimise cupping
  • What our customers say

    "What you supplied was first class" - Mr Lockley, Belton

    "The quality of the skirting and architrave is excellent" - C. Shaw, Thornton

    "Our carpenter commented on how well the products were packed and on the quality of the timber" - M. Allen, Woking